Why SolarPups Built on FLOW

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When we first came up with the concept for SolarPups, we were very excited to get started but we had to decide which blockchain to build on. We knew ETH would be challenging, given the high costs we were seeing on CryptoKitties, we knew those costs might be prohibitive for user accessibility and affordability in a casual, immersive game.

We began doing our research and explored several options. At first, we were uncertain about FLOW given the total number of wallet holders. We spoke to a few advisors in the space and one recommended we read two articles before deciding on FLOW:

Three things became immediately apparent to us:

  1. 5M+ Wallet holders existed and they were HIGHLY engaged
  2. FLOW was eco-friendly with low gas fees, which made it appealing
  3. Many projects on FLOW were built to scale and bring in ‘normies’

All of these were important values for our team, especially the last point. As we considered who our audience might be for SolarPups, we realized that our audience of dog lovers may not already be invested in Crypto games – but SolarPups was an opportunity to onboard them to Web3. Having a team behind the blockchain that understood this and could support our efforts at not only building the game but also welcoming new folks to the metaverse was important.

Our mission is to bring the next 1B to Web3.

The team who created FLOW did so because of the lessons learned from building CryptoKitties on Ethereum. This intrigued us because CryptoKitties was the inspiration for us to build SolarPups. We wanted to hear from the founding team, take forward lessons learned from CryptoKitties and try to apply them to SolarPups.

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Image Credit: CryptoKitties

We strongly believe that the best way to onboard millions of people to web3 will be entertainment use cases, particularly gaming. Within gaming, specifically casual, immersive games. When we look back in history – what got people to adopt and begin using iPads? Games like Angry Birds. What got people to adopt and start using Facebook? Games like Farmville from Zynga. What got people to accept mobile AR into the mainstream? Games like PokemonGo. As shared in the second article we listed above – most people got into Crypto & NFTs because of two games: CryptoKitties and NBA TopShot, both built on Flow.  

Gaming will be critical to mass adoption in web3.

One of the earliest games we played was Tamagotchi, a tiny virtual pet in a pocket watch. It was so popular (especially among young girls) that it was eventually banned in our elementary school. The goal of the game was to keep your pixel pet dog alive by feeding it and picking up its 17(?)-pixel poop every 3 hours. What were we looking for in that game at seven and ten years old? We wanted a game with cute characters that was fast and responsive. (Our mom wanted one that was low cost and didn’t compromise our security). The Flow blockchain offers all of these key features, making it the prime spot to build a web3 game.  

The Future of Play will be built on the Flow Blockchain.

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