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Create and animate your own custom 3D Avatar to make videos! Use photo backgrounds or AR mode to interact with your Avatar on screen. Change their clothing and style to create virtual characters - the possibilities are endless!

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Run Ji Run

Play as your custom 3D Avatar in this thrilling infinite runner game set in India. Escape villains and collect coins by jumping, sliding, and dodging rickshaws, samosas, chutney, cows and more! Cover more distance to level up and unlock new themes and environments.

The logo for the Yaatra game


Yaatra is the journey of Princess Maya, banished to the forest where she must find and defeat the monster king to reclaim her rightful place as queen. You play as Maya’s sibling, joining her in her journey.

Create a Custom 3D Avatar for games, videos and WhatsApp stickers!

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Create AR videos to share with friends and grow your audience!

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