Why Product Managers are Important in a Startup

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Why Product Managers are Important in a Startup

Product managers are key to maintaining the operations at Krikey - and making sure awesome App updates with new features go out every month! In order to find out what it is like to be a product manager at a startup, we asked our PMs about their roles and responsibilities and what it takes to be successful in their position.

At Krikey, we have four types of product managers who each either handle design, data, mobile, or game + art tasks. A typical day differs depending on what team the product manager works with, but there are key similarities between each product manager’s day. This includes daily team meetings, one on ones with relevant team members, constantly communicating with others on Slack, and making sure team members are on track. At a startup, product managers often face these common tasks at a very fast and demanding pace.

The responsibilities also vary by team. For example, our design product manager acts as a bridge between engineers and designers. The data product manager acts as a communication center between the data engineering team and data science team. The mobile product manager serves as a messenger between the Android, iOS and design teams. Lastly, the Unity product manager is a communication liaison between the unity game development team and 3D modeling, art and animation.

Product managers have an important job with a lot of individuals depending on them. There are enjoyable and challenging sides to their jobs. We asked them what they loved and our PMs shared that they especially enjoyed playing a role in improving the Krikey app for users, sharing user feedback with their respective teams, and working with open-minded team members. Some of the challenges they shared include multitasking, keeping track of people and projects, and timely communication. Being a product manager requires a specific set of skills including good communication, organization, time management, teamwork and problem solving skills.

What gets our PMs up and excited every morning is Krikey’s open-minded company culture, enjoyable team collaboration, learning something new everyday, being part of an innovative industry and seeing successful results.

Are you in college and thinking of Product Management as a career path? We encourage you to try it! Being a product manager is a great blend of creativity and communication. A startup environment is a perfect place to learn and grow as you begin your professional career. Good luck with job searching this season and Happy Graduation!

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