Where is Holi and When is Holi?

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Where is Holi and When is Holi?

The Festival of Holi is coming up on March 18, 2022! The Festival of Love or Festival of Colours is an annual celebration of life and growth. In India, it is commonly celebrated with colorful powder which is thrown in the air (and at each other) to celebrate the vibrance of eternal love. Holi has always been a wonderful way to have fun and cut loose while celebrating life and growth! If you are hoping to ring in the spring in the perfect way this season, look no further. We have a list of ways to make this Holi the best one yet.

What Is Holi?

Holi begins on Purnima, the full moon, between the end of February and the middle of March. In Hindu communities, there are several origin stories associated with Holi - but all are centered around love, renewal, and good nature. Holi is a time for celebration with family, friends, and even strangers. Festivities include rangoli-painting, music, food, and throwing colorful powder to spread positivity!

Holi Celebration Ideas

There are many types of events you may participate in during Holi - which one is your favorite? You might prefer to attend a public event held by a school, town, or other institution to embrace your community. You can celebrate however you like - or even throw your own party for family and friends! Here are some ideas to make your Holi celebration like no other:

  1. Have a Party Theme
  2. Plan Your Menu
  3. Make A Playlist
  4. Add Flowers and Lighting
  5. Rangolis
  6. Antakshari
  7. Dance party!
  8. Games
  9. Take photos
  10. Film videos or Holi reels

Ideas for Virtual Holi Parties

Unfortunately for many, while a celebration is much-needed this year it can be unsafe to hold public gatherings in areas where COVID-19 or other illnesses are still present. In the last few years, we’ve seen a rise in digital and virtual events, and many families and friends have found new ways to stay connected online. If your situation makes public gatherings unsafe, consider these fun new options to throw a Holi bash without the risk!

  1. Virtual or Zoom dance party
  2. Bollywood Quizzes
  3. Play 3D Virtual Holi on mobile devices
  4. Shared Bollywood music playlists of the best Holi songs
  5. Online greeting cards to send to friends and family on WhatsApp

Krikey’s Holi Features

With the Krikey app, you can play holi in 3D and AR with or without social distancing! Make an account and customize your avatar  - choose from different skin tones, hair styles, clothing options, and accessories. Then, make a fun video with your avatar throwing colors at someone in the room! This year, Krikey is offering three different Holi animations so you can find one that best fits your celebration! Share your videos with friends and family via social media, WhatsApp, or iMessage. Check out some of the content you can create below:

Celebrate Your Way!

We hope you find a way to celebrate the Festival of Colours in your physical and virtual community! To try Krikey’s 3D Holi feature, you can install the app for free on the Google Play or Apple App Store. Create a fun Holi Augmented Reality reel to share love, positivity, hope, and joy with others!

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