SolarPups x Snapchat: Bringing NFTs to Augmented Reality

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Digital puppy NFTs with accessories in front of trees and on a smartphone screen that is held by a human’s hand.

SolarPups NFTs are now available in Augmented Reality! The Krikey team has utilized Snapchat’s Snap AR Lens Studio to create custom SolarPup lenses, which allow our NFT owners to play with their digital dogs in real life! Using the Snap AR Lens Studio toolkit, our developers built a 3D, interactive, animated experience where you can teach your dog to sit, play fetch and have fun with your SolarPup in AR. Each Snap AR Lens is personalized to a specific SolarPup NFT and is accessed via a custom Snapcode.

NFTs and Augmented Reality

What are NFTs? The acronym stands for Non-Fungible Token - they are digital assets that can be bought and sold with ownership rights. Augmented Reality (AR) technology overlays a digital image onto a user's view of the real world, creating a new combined scene. Combining NFTs with AR can allow individuals to own distinct tokens that bring specific digital assets and characters into the real world.

Although many companies have released AR technology for mobile phones and other devices, the AR and NFT worlds have not yet crossed paths in a significant way. Consumer AR technology that utilizes hardware, such as the Microsoft Hololens, Meta’s Oculus VR, and MojoVision, have a higher price tag which makes it inaccessible to many consumers. Other AR software like Spark AR Studio from Meta comes with templates, but doesn’t provide users with any unique digital objects.

NFTs provide owners with sole ownership of a digital object - often along with additional perks like gameplay access and community membership. Augmented Reality is another form of utility for NFTs and can empower owners to build a brand around their NFT through interactive storytelling on social media. So far, AR NFTs are on the horizon but are extremely rare - and owning one now puts you at the forefront of a unique and innovative trend in the digital world!

Digital puppy NFTs with varied accessories in a fall forest and on the screen of a white smartphone.

The SolarPups AR Lens

The AR Lens places a SolarPup animated puppy in any real-world setting that you can film with your phone camera. Users can teach their dog to sit, play fetch, and watch them dig for treasure - all by tapping and swiping on their phone screen. They can also record video while they play with the dog to send to friends, save, post to their story, or tag @SolarPupsNFTs to be featured in a highlight reel.

Vision and Possibilities

The SolarPup AR Snap Lens is made for creators to tell stories - about their businesses, families, pets, and more! A SolarPup in an AR Video can elevate the utility of the NFT beyond a single image or 3D model. Our Snap AR Lenses bring to life what is most meaningful to SolarPups owners through storytelling, fantasy and friendship. We see a future in which we all connect, create, and even play video games in Augmented Reality. NFTs x Augmented Reality is the Future of Play.

Free SolarPups NFT AR Lens Giveaway

To kick off the launch of this new product, we are giving away QR Codes for 20 free AR Snap Lenses to SolarPups owners in our community during the month of October. We are so excited to watch the winners of this round of giveaways use their Snap AR lenses to transform their environments into puppy playgrounds! This Augmented Reality technology inspires us to reconnect with our environments in a new way, adding awareness and imagination to our everyday lives.

Animated dog playing fetch in a real grass landscape beside a small golden puppy.

Benefits for AR Lens Owners

AR Lens owners can make unlimited videos with their SolarPup AR Lens and will have permanent access to their QR Snapcode. When they post a video they’ve created with their AR Snap Lens to social media, the @SolarPupsNFTs and @KrikeyApp accounts will like and repost their content, boosting their reach and connecting them to new NFT and Web3 communities.

Use your SolarPup AR Snap Lens to tell stories with your NFT, share memories with friends and family, or unite your team with a furry mascot. For businesses - engage your customers through custom storytelling and showcase your products by creating entertaining augmented videos! Gain social media amplification and the opportunity to connect with other NFT owners and artists.

How to Enter The Giveaway

To enter to win a SolarPups AR Snap Lens, you must be a SolarPups owner. If you don’t have a SolarPup yet, you can browse dogs to adopt on our marketplace at or follow us @SolarPupsNFTs to win a SolarPup NFT in one of our giveaways! Once you have purchased a SolarPup, follow our Twitter at and join our Discord channel at Then, stay posted for giveaways like this one. We will be hosting Snap AR Lens giveaways throughout October 2022! To participate, all you have to do is:

🔁 RT and Like our giveaway Tweet

👭 Tag a friend

🐶 Reply w/ a pic of your Pup #NFT you want to see in #AR!

We created the SolarPups AR Snap Lens so that anyone can be a part of the future of Augmented Reality and NFT-based storytelling. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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