Solarpups 2022 Roadmap

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SolarPups Mint Strategy in Planet Solar System visual design

The first SolarPups have landed! For our early access members on Discord, puppy adoption opens on August 8th at 10AM PST.

August 8th at 10:00 AM PT

100 Pre-Sale Packs will be available (with 200 SolarPups in them → 2 dogs/pack).

  • These are available for ~72 hrs (August 8th - August 11th)
  • There are three tiers of packs:
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Packs will be a set price starting at $75
  • We will release all the packs at the same time
  • Packs will reveal on August 11th
  • Once purchased, packs will be frozen. They cannot be resold till the individual dogs are revealed on August 11th. Then, owners can re-sell individual dogs.

It’s not too late to get Early Access! For this drop and our upcoming ones, get into our Early Access channel in Discord today:

Missed the Pack Pre-Sale?

If you didn’t get a Pre-Sale pack, don’t worry! There are more opportunities to adopt a SolarPup, starting on August 11th.

August 11th at 1:00 PM PT

Pre-Sale Packs reveal (you can now see which 2 dogs are in your pack!)

  • Owners can choose to place a dog back on the market to re-sell and also begin to explore the market to see available individual dogs
  • Dogs in Packs not purchased will be placed individually into the Doggy Timeout group (details below).

500 SolarPups that remain will be released on a Doggy Timeout Clock starting at 1PM PST:

  • We will release 4 Dogs every hour till 500 are released
  • Ends ~August 16th
  • Pricing starts at $75 and up (for individual SolarPups)

Why a Doggy TimeOut Clock?

We learned a lot from the CryptoKitties strategy (they had a Kitty Clock) and even had the opportunity to speak with their team about trying this for SolarPups (thank you CryptoKitties team)! We believe this strategy of dropping 4 dogs per hour will be fair to folks in all time zones. The drop is randomized so everyone has a more equal chance of getting a rare or legendary SolarPup, no matter where in the world you are. Our project is for dog lovers around the world and we hope this approach works for everyone.

SolarPups in overalls with headphones sitting on grass.
Can You Pet the Dog? Yes. Happier Dogs Breed Better!

August 22nd at 10AM PT

Play and Breeding feature launches on the website.

  • Play fetch with your dog and help it fill its happiness bar!
  • Happy dogs breed better so once your pup is happy, you can →
  • Breed your SolarPups!
  • Owners can only breed SolarPups they own
  • Keep an eye on rarity scores to see if you can breed a pup with rare traits!
Cute SolarPup in Spacesuit

September: Augmented Reality Project Launch

Play with your SolarPups in Augmented Reality!

  • This will be a beta launch with a small group of SolarPups owners.
  • Join our Discord Early Access channel to be among the first SolarPups owners to play with your SolarPup in Augmented Reality!

We are excited to share more on our monthly drops and features in the coming weeks! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team on Social Media. We look forward to building an awesome community of SolarPups owners!

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