Sending Digital Love!

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Sending Digital Love!

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day this year? Modifying what traditionally looks like dinner and a movie has transformed with the pandemic, inspiring couples and loved ones to new levels of creativity! Staying home for so long can often bring feelings of loneliness and isolation, which is why expressions of love (even digital!) are so important. This year for Valentine’s Day, Krikey made it our mission to find a way to bring everyone back together again, digitally.

With our newly released Avatars Augmented Reality experience, you can create and customize your very own Avatar to look like you or a loved one and then animate an avatar video to share with friends and family! For Valentine's Day, we also released a rose and flying kiss animation, a line of Dil Se (from the Heart) Valentine’s themed shirts and a Loving Hearts 2D background design to help you spread the love as you sent out digital messages to friends and family. To try all of these, you can download the Krikey App for Free on iOS or Android and make a video to share!

Our two Valentine’s Day animations were inspired by Indian customs and adaptations. In India, prior to Valentine's Day, Rose Day is celebrated on February 7th. This day commemorates the beginning of the celebration, usually by giving flower arrangements or a red rose to loved ones. In the Krikey app, you can use the Happy Valentine’s Animation to animate your avatar to extend a rose in a creative, digital expression of love! The second animation, Flying Kiss, is a fun animated adaptation of expressing love (often displayed by Bollywood celebrities to fans to show appreciation!)

We hope that our new Avatars feature inspires you to create and share fun videos with friends! We cannot wait to see what more you create on the Krikey app!

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