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From left to right, 2D grey spaceship sketch, evolving colorful 3D model of spaceship and then image of spaceship flying.

We are a rapidly growing team of 35+ people around the world – from San Francisco to Spain, we are dedicated to finding the most talented (and kindest) individuals to build our product. We are a female-founded startup with a team that is 60%+ female.

Prior to building SolarPups, we built Krikey App, a mobile Augmented Reality gaming app live on iOS and Android, with 5M+ downloads that is ranked in the Top 25 consumer apps on Google Play India. Our love for dogs inspired us to bring our web2 skills over to web3 and we built SolarPups!

In this post we will share a brief summary of our web3 startup team and our process for how to build a web3 game.

Team Structure

To build our web3 game we have built out the following teams:

  • UX Design
  • Web Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation
  • Rigging
  • Unity Game Development
  • Data Engineering (incl. DevOps, Data Security, Data Science)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Product Management


UX Design designs the UX screens (ie; all the buttons, webpage designs, user flows) that you experience when you play our game. Web Design implements the UX designs and ensures that they are interactive. Our Product Management team user tests both our UX designs and our Web Designs to make sure they are intuitive for the user.

3D Modeling conceptualizes the 2D sketch for each NFT and then creates a 3D Model of it. They also do the texturing (ie; colors, patterns, fur textures etc.,) for the SolarPups fur and accessories. The rigging team puts together a rig based on the skeletal and muscular patterns of the 3D model and then hands it over to animation to bring the character to life.

Unity Game Developers program the interactivity portion of our game (ie; play fetch, boop the nose, teach your dog to sit) and they also work with our Data team on building out a way to dynamically generate thousands of NFTs using the different layers of 3D models (ie; dogs + accessories for unique NFT combinations). Data Engineering (a broad term we will use here to cover a wide variety of roles) helps with programming the website, the payment flows, the algorithm for breeding, security precautions, data analysis and also the smart contract set up.  

Quality Assurance is the team that runs tests on our site to make sure key user flows are working (ie; when a user taps the purchase button, does it work as intended?) They sweep the site for bugs and share this back with our product managers, who then re-assign the bugs to the appropriate team or individual to resolve before the next QA cycle. Social Media Marketing collects assets from throughout this entire process (including BTS → behind the scenes posts) to share with all of you on our social media channels!

This is a high level overview of the team structure and how we built our web3 game! Have questions? Leave us a comment on one of our social media channels!

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