Making of the Krikees Video Trailer

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Making of the Krikees Video Trailer

Krikey’s recent avatar launch, also known as Krikees, empowers users to create and animate their own 3D avatars. This blog post will share a behind the scenes look at how we made the Krikees trailer!


There are a set of key elements that are important to remember when starting the process of creating a video trailer. The most important of these elements is story. How do we tell the story of our product feature? How does it fit into a person’s life? We begin by brainstorming ways to tell the story of the feature in our daily lives.


The process of storyboarding starts with drawing out the different scenes within the trailer that will become the storyline. A soundtrack is then added to see how each shot will work alongside the audio. While storyboarding we always keep composition top of mind. Composition is how subjects are placed in frame. Storyboards are often shared with a group of team members for helpful feedback from a “fresh set of eyes” before being translated into a 3D animation where assets and characters come to life.

Final Production

After final edits are made and feedback is taken into account, the shots are exported into 3D assets. Then they are brought into Unity to create the same color and light effects to replicate the effect of the product feature in the app. To create the animations digitally, Autodesk Maya is used. Finally, shots are sent to a program called Adobe Premiere Pro and then After effects where music, composition and effects are added to complete the final trailer.

Below are the final versions of our Krikees, Holi and Cricket trailers!

We hope that you enjoy the Krikey app with your friends and family!

Larger version of the Krikey logo
App icon of the Krikey logo with the letter K in a blue box

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