Localizing the App

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Localizing the App

With the release of our newest game, Yaatra, Krikey tackled an enormous project to translate the app into 20 different languages. We have shared below more about what inspired the languages that were chosen, how they were implemented into the app and how this new feature will create a more inclusive Krikey community.

चलो! (Let’s go!)

The process of translating the Krikey app is called localization. Localization is essentially just the translation of an application into different languages, making it accessible to more people. We chose the 20 languages to translate based on regional areas of focus for the Yaatra game.

To allow the translations to be implemented across the entire app, every team had to collaborate -- especially the Data, Android, iOS, Unity Game Development and Product Management teams. The languages were first moved from a Google sheet into a software called Lokalise which allowed all of the team members to see the languages and strings which were used to translate the text from english to the different languages. We experimented with both human translators and google translate. (Please note: if you see an incorrect translation or have an idea for a better way to translate a sentence in app, please reach out to us at support@krikey.com! We appreciate the feedback!) Then the translations were given back to the developers to put into the app and publish.

Our hope with the new localization project was to give users an experience that was personalized to them. Although we knew that our primary audience would be based in India and that English was a really common language, this new feature allows users to experience the game in the language that they are most familiar and comfortable with. It also provides them a better understanding of the app so that we can get better feedback in the future.

The opportunity and advancements that the localization project will provide for us and our users is unmatched. Prioritizing the user experience continues to be what drives Krikey. We are very grateful to our entire team for all of the hard work that went into making this possible.

Thank you!

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