Krikey x Snapchat AR Lens x World of Women NFT

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Krikey x Snapchat AR Lens x World of Women NFT

World of Women is a community built on the principle that representation and inclusivity should be sewn into the foundations of the Web3 world. They are a collection of 10K unique art pieces by Yam Karkai that live on the Ethereum blockchain since their release in July 2021. Krikey learned about World of Women early on in our journey within the Web3 world, and they have been a huge inspiration to our company ever since.

We resonate strongly with World of Women's values and goals as a community, so Krikey purchased a WoWG (World of Women Galaxy) NFT as a company to support the project. We wanted to see what we could create with it in AR as an experimental sample using our toolkits and technology. In October 2022, Krikey created a Snap AR Lens prototype with this NFT, WoWG #3870, using Snapchat’s AR Lens Studio.

Head and shoulders of a figure wearing lipstick and a multicolored shirt on a pink and purple gradient background.

The avatar was created by our 3D modeling team, who referenced the NFT (pictured above) that we had purchased from the World of Women project. Our artist recreated this 2D model as a 3D figure by designing a custom 3D human avatar. Next, they added an animation to bring the WoWG AR NFT to life. Once the model was imported into the AR Snap Lens studio, our Unity team assigned different materials to the figure and used the Animated Object Lens Template from Snap AR to add motion. We then uploaded the finished lens to Snap and generated the QR code below!

Image Description

To see this avatar in Augmented Reality and create videos, first make sure you have the Snapchat app installed on your mobile device. After you log into Snapchat, navigate to the Camera screen. Point your phone’s camera at the QR code above, and press on the image of the code to scan it! If your camera is not picking up the code, you can press the “Scan” button to the left of the shutter button. We hope you enjoy trying out our World of Women Snap AR Lens!

Female avatar with an orange shirt holding a flower and blowing a kiss.

Augmented Reality has many applications today, and this list of uses will only grow with time. It is a critical tool for strengthening storytelling and character creation throughout the animation, film, and gaming industries. AR technology has been the foundation of popular games like Pokemon Go. It has also enabled the use of dynamic filters and lenses in photo and video sharing apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, and more.

Customization of unique characters and digital assets in the form of NFTs has broadened the horizon for Augmented Reality technology, which will ultimately allow brands to build more complex monetization strategies. The potential of AR to captivate users lends itself particularly well to brand building and content creation for influencers as well.

In 2023, Krikey will be offering several software development toolkits created specifically to help these types of projects create products like our animated AR WoW NFT Snap Lens! Our Augmented Reality NFT Toolkit will allow users to bring NFTs to life within a mobile device camera. The Custom 3D Avatar Toolkit will allow players to build their own interoperable 3D Avatar NFT with diverse trait customization options - for use in games and other metaverse experiences on the ETH, MATIC, SOLANA, and FLOW blockchains. Additionally, our NFT Minting Toolkit will allow for easy and dynamic NFT generation with little to no code. Teams can use this toolkit to generate NFTs for players in-game.

All three of these Toolkits can also be used together, so our users can mint NFTs or 3D characters and bring them easily and quickly into AR on a mobile device - just like we did by creating our World of Women NFT Snap AR Lens. To learn more about the different toolkits we will have to offer, visit our website at !

Join our waitlist to take advantage of the earliest opportunity to secure a spot in our first cohort of projects! To sign up, click this link!

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