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WINGSPAN AR is our Augmented Reality adaptation of Stonemaier Games best selling board game WINGSPAN. In the game you play as an ornithologist, or bird scientist, seeking to protect and collect birds in different ecosystems. The game was built with Google Maps and sponsored by the National Audubon Society.  The game is available for free today on the Apple App or Google Play store!

How To Get Started  

Step 1 Download the Krikey app on the Google Play or Apple Store

Step 2 Launch the Krikey app and click on the WINGSPAN icon

Step 3 Search the map for birds, environments and food tokens

Step 4 Stand up with your phone up so that the environment can launch on the floor and wait for bird to appear

Step 5 Swipe up on food tokens to feed the bird and watch the bird fly into your journal

Tips and Tricks

Once you launch the game, be sure to stand up and hold your phone up, directly in front of you. This will make for a better Augmented Reality experience because you can walk closer to the birds and around the environment when it loads on your phone!

Once you tap the Wingspan tile it will automatically launch Preview Mode, which is a generated simulation of the game that gives you the freedom to walk around the environment and explore before you start collecting birds. If you enjoy the experience and want to continue discovering and collecting bird species there is a login feature that allows you to keep track of your gameplay and which bird species you have collected. You will also be able to participate in daily challenges and rare bird discoveries in the app!

Don’t forget to allow Krikey to have access to your location only while using the app to ensure that the location feature can accurately detect where birds and environments are in relation to you. Each pin-drop on your map unlocks a different ecosystem and its respective bird species.

What to do in Wingspan

After you log in, you can take a walk around your neighborhood and unlock different ecosystem pin drops. If you’d like to stay at home and play you can do so with our Teleport Feature. Tap any pin drop and we bring the birds and ecosystems to you, ensuring safe, socially distanced gameplay.

Once you’re in the game you can start:

  • Earning badges by collecting certain species and competing in daily challenges to make your mark on the leaderboard
  • Feeding your birds by collecting the appropriate food tokens on the map
  • Exploring the bird fact cards after you collect different species
  • Discovering new and different bird species every week
  • Sharing your Krikey Augmented Reality birding videos on social media, don’t forget to tag us @krikeyapp!

After that, you’ve successfully gone digital birding! We invite you to play alongside your family, friends, and loved ones. We hope you enjoy this fun entertainment activity and stay safe!

Happy Digital Birding!

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