Happy Pride Month!

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Happy Pride Month!

Pride Month is here! To celebrate the LGBTQIA+ Community, Krikey has added a new feature to include animations and custom accessories to help celebrate digitally! Share your favorite Pride t-Shirt and glasses or wave your pride flag to show support! Read more to find out what went into creating this new feature!

Creative Process

The first step in our process was a brainstorm. We discussed different designs for clothes, accessories, 2D backgrounds and animations. Most importantly, one of our team members also educated us on the meaning of pride and the significance of different pride flag designs and color layouts throughout history. There are so many variations of the flag to represent different communities, but because of app size and optimization guidelines, we chose only a few variations to include in our v1. We are hopeful to add all of the variations to this feature in the future! Next, our designer and product manager wrote a ‘brief’ for the project and the artists began creating the 3D custom items. Throughout the 3D creation process, our artists share works in progress and the team shares feedback.

Important elements of this feature

Included in the Pride update are:

  • 3 new shirts with a few different color variations for each
  • 4 sets of glasses
  • 1 animation
  • 1 2D background


Our artists’ enjoyed creating this new feature to help you celebrate love! We hope you enjoy sharing videos and images with your friends and family!

Happy Pride!

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