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Want to stay connected to friends and family in India using your mobile phone? If you are hunting for something more powerful than messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, a social networking platform can offer all the services you need. Many social media sites allow you to follow other users, interact with their content, and post your own media including videos, photos, audios, and text.

The good news is that most social media apps are free and easy to use. However, with so many apps on the market today, how do you know which social media site is best for you? Here is a look at some of the top social media apps on the market in India:

Facebook’s mobile homepage showing a user’s feed and friend stories.
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As one of the leading social media platforms worldwide, Facebook is a top choice for anyone looking to connect with a broad network of friends. The social networking site is owned by Meta, an American company that also owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and several other social media sites. Facebook is perfect for connecting with a large number of people and discovering new contacts among your community. Their mobile app is easy to use and free to sign up for! For years, this platform has been a great place to connect with family and friends.

Keep up with your Facebook Friends by viewing a personalized news feed filled with their latest posts. You can also see updates from your favorite brands and celebrities once you follow their pages. This popular networking site lets you share photos, videos, and all kinds of content to your profile. You can also tag friends, send pictures and messages, and start group chats.

Additionally, Facebook has diversified its services in recent years to provide more varied social opportunities in the digital world. It has a Marketplace for buying and selling products that works as an advertising platform. It also allows users to play live games with each other. There is also a Facebook Messenger app which facilitates chatting, video calls, and voice calls. You can connect your Youtube channel, Twitter account, or other social media channels to your profile, and Facebook offers a suite of tools for businesses and organizations to manage their Instagram and Facebook apps together.

Screenshots from Moj app showing filters, a video feed, hashtags, and video contests.
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Moj was launched in June 2020 and quickly became an ideal platform for finding popular video content in India. This social media site emerged after TikTok was banned and has remained focused on short video content. Download Moj to enjoy a popular video sharing app and one of the top social media sites in India. This app is great for video creators and entertainment seekers alike. So whether you're looking to gain followers and become an influencer or simply pass time on your commute, Moj is a must-have app for anyone in India.

Moj App's editing studio offers a selection of video filters, special effects, stickers, and audio messages to curate the perfect upload. You can film in selfie or regular mode and get inspired by trying new video trends from other users. The app also hosts competitions in various categories to win prizes! On your profile page, you can find a creator guide with tips on how to get started gaining likes and followers on your page. When you gain popularity, you will be eligible for prizes and sponsorships!

If you are not as interested in creating videos but still want to utilize this social media platform, you can create an account to follow friends by searching for their username! You can also find new content and follow creators that you like by scrolling through videos on the For You page. Videos posted by anyone that you follow will show up on the Following page.

Moj is a great app for finding video content in Hindi and other Indian languages. You can find all kinds of interesting clips in categories you like by checking out different hashtags on the Explore page. Use hashtags in your videos for a chance to get featured and receive a huge number of likes and followers!


Krikey was founded in 2017 and is a free Indian augmented reality app and social media platform that allows you to create your own customized 3D avatars for use in videos and gaming. Choose outfits and features that suit your character, and then play games and record videos as your avatar in the app. You can follow other users, watch videos that they post, and easily share any video with family and friends via WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram Reels, or other social media apps.

You can also play a thrilling endless runner game on Krikey that is set in the streets of India called Run Ji Run. Watch your avatar sprint through the market dodging samosas and chai carts to escape villains! Then, check out the top scorers on the leaderboard to compete with friends. Yaatra is another adventure game offered by the app that follows Princess Maya in her quest to reclaim her crown after being banished to the forest of her kingdom.

Krikey is a unique and immersive social media app as it allows users to play and watch videos in both AR and Non-AR modes. Scroll through endless unique 3D videos created by users like you! The app is offered in over 10 Indian languages, so you can play in your preferred tongue.

Instagram ad featuring artistic photos posted by different social media creators.
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A free and widely used social media platform, Instagram lets you capture, edit, and upload personally curated photo and video content to share with your followers. The social networking service was launched in 2010 and was acquired by Facebook in 2012. It has remained one of the best social media apps for posting and consuming visual content. Now, the social media app also lets users upload live stories to show followers what they are doing at any moment.

Instagram recently also added other services including a Reels feature, allowing users to see a personalized feed of vertical videos curated to their taste with a proprietary algorithm. Videos from other social media platforms are often posted as Reels, and creators can follow trends that use specific audios provided by the app. This feature has quickly become one of the most popular places to post and consume video content on your mobile device.

The app's Explore Page is also tailored to users' preferences and serves up new content every time the page is refreshed. This doubles as a visual search engine for content you want to see, allowing you to find new accounts to follow and engage with!

As with many other social media platforms, Instagram offers robust in-app messaging services and allows users to send content and voice messages to friends and group chats.

Mx Takatak

MX Takatak was launched in 2020 by MX Media & Entertainment in India as another social networking platform for short videos after TikTok was banned. The social media app has seen a large amount of growth in a short period of time, and has garnered a strong user base and community of creators.

Download MX Takatak to browse through viral short videos and stay on top of trends, create and edit exciting new content, and of course share it all with friends and family. The app features a great video editor and dialogue dubbing feature so you can create the best funny videos! If you want to use the app as a social network, you can find and engage with a huge number of creators from many other demographics and become part of a new type of community unique to the internet today.


Josh is great Indian social media app and other networking site created in June 2020 for sharing and watching short videos. By using the Josh social media platform, you can watch funny clips from the biggest influencers or upload your own content. Connect with friends and follow creators you like to see a personalized feed of videos for you. You can also use the Explore Page to stay on top of video trends, discover hashtags, and find the best audio clips. The videos on this social media app span many genres, so anyone can find the content that they are most interested in.

When using Josh, you can also participate in online challenges related to seasonal events, trends, and celebrity partnerships. Add hashtags when you post your videos for a chance to be featured or win prizes!

Another great feature of the Josh app is the full-featured editing studio, which allows you to easily add special effects and music to the videos you create! Choose from augmented reality masks, games, backgrounds, face warping, and expressions to add flair to your upload. These options are continually updated so you can stay current when you share videos for holidays and seasonal trends.

Representation of a social media feed on Sharechat’s progressive web app.
Image Credit: Sharechat


A popular social networking site in India, Sharechat app has been around since 2015 and is headquartered in Bangalore. This social media app is offered only in Indian languages, so while some other large social networking sites are globally focused, this app's user base is almost exclusively Indian. Like Facebook, Sharechat app lets users follow friends and post photos, videos, music, and written content to their feed.

Sharechat also doubles as a social messaging app. This feature gives users the ability to privately enter chat rooms, talk with strangers, and make new friends! The platform is a great choice if you want to stay connected with family, friends, and the online community at large. It is one of the best social media apps for both meeting new people and keeping up with your current contact list.

Screenshots from Chingari app showing a social media video feed and editing features.
Image Credit: Chingari


On the Chingari video sharing app, you can lip-sync to your favorite songs or use dialogues from popular Indian movie scenes to create and share funny videos. In addition to offering an endless news feed of short music videos, dance videos, comedy, and more, this social media app now offers video calling as a way to connect to friends.

Chingari was founded in 2018 and became another competitive option on the list of social networking sites that host short videos. It was redesigned in 2020 to meet the needs of a target audience who wants to upload videos to share their talents and gain recognition on the web. Many job seekers have followed these industry trends, turning to social networking sites to gain popularity and followers, using the social network as an advertising platform.

There are so many exciting social media apps available in India today, and Krikey is excited to be a part of this growing community of innovators and talented content creators. Today, social networking sites are still changing to meet the needs of the current generation and to provide opportunities for entertainment and connection in the digital world! For more information on how Krikey is approaching this space and creating a unique video sharing community, check out our blog posts on Language Localization, 3D AR Hijabs, Turbans & Braids and Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality!

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