5 Actions to Take After Playing Wingspan

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5 Actions to Take After Playing Wingspan

This year has sparked something inside of all of us that urges us to want to do more, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and most importantly to be a key part of real-world action that changes the world we live in for the better. With Krikey’s immersive AR experience WINGSPAN, we invite you into a world of your own as you play to protect and discover different bird species in their natural environment.

Our hope is that the Wingspan AR experience will inspire you to get involved in real-world conservation change.

Let's get started! First, we encourage you to check out Audubon.org, home of The National Audubon Society which is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to environmental conservation. Want to learn more about the Bald Eagle? Want to know where to find Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds? Want to know why Roseate Spoonbills are pink? Want to go real-birding in your neighborhood? On the Audubon website, you can find bird news, bird guides, and of course tools to help you navigate real-world action that helps with conservation goals.

A few of our favorite conservation activities are:

Audubon Local Chapters

There are Audubon Chapters in every city that you can go birding with and work with to enact conservation change in your community. To find a group near you, go to this link: Audubon Near You. Even during the pandemic, many chapters are active and organizing awesome webinars and safe activities - email your local chapter to find out more! Ready to go from digital birding to real birding? Check out the National Audubon Society’s How to Start Birding page.

Native Plants

Love seeing Anna’s Hummingbird? We didn’t know how dynamic the colors were or how intense the wingbeats were until we saw them up close in the Krikey app! Hummingbirds are attracted to the nectar in plants. The Native Plant initiative provides you with a list of plants that do best in your zip code to attract and help nurture birds on their migratory journey. For example, living in the Bay Area, planting a Bluebell-of-Scotland would attract not only hummingbirds but also wood warblers and mockingbirds too! Pretty cool way to start backyard birding! You can learn more at this link.

Lights Out

According to the National Audubon Society, every year, billions of birds are being harmed in flight because of the danger that excessive night lighting exposes them to when they are trying to use the night sky for navigation. The initiative inspires you to consider cutting excessive light use at night so that all birds can have a safe flight home. You can do this in your own home and also encourage local businesses in your city to turn the lights out at night to protect birds like Warblers, Sparrows, and Orioles- who you might have seen while playing Wingspan AR! Here’s a link to learn more about the Lights Out program.

Migratory Bird Initiative

Migratory birds such as the Barn Swallow & Cooper's Hawk, both seen in the Krikey app, face accelerating threats through all stages of their annual migration cycle. This initiative inspires us to take action by: elevating and creating access to advanced migration science, strengthening connections with key stakeholders such as nonprofits, government agencies and Audubon networks, and helping draft and inform policies with science-based conservation. Check out Audubon’s link to their Migratory Bird Initiative to learn more. At this link you can also read Survival by Degrees, a new report by the National Audubon Society.

Adopt a Bird Initiative

When you adopt a bird through the National Audubon Society you are supporting their urgent work to protect birds. There are tons of birds available to adopt, many of which you may have spotted in the Krikey app, including the Painted Bunting and Bald Eagle!

With each donation you will receive a personalized adoption certificate, a letter from Audubon’s CEO and a lifelike plush bird species of your choice with a recording of that species’ song! To adopt a bird, you can go to this link here.

Happy Birding!

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