5 Actions to Take After Playing Gorillas!

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5 Actions to Take After Playing Gorillas!

In Krikey's latest AR game, Gorillas! (built in partnership with The Ellen Fund) you get to join an Augmented Reality trek through the mountains of Rwanda to discover and help protect a baby gorilla. Not everyone can travel to Rwanda but we hope, with our game, we can bring this special experience to you. We hope you enjoy the game! After playing, we also hope you will consider engaging in real-world conservation activities.

Here are some great ways to get started:

Track the Gorillas

You’ve been playing Krikeys Gorillas! Game all day but now you’re curious -- what do real gorillas do all day? At this link you can see how a family of gorillas navigate life. Where do they go? What do they eat? Do they play with their siblings? There's also a really cool gallery attached to see photos of gorillas taken by gorilla researchers on the ground!

Gorilla Personality Test

Did you know that we share 98% of our DNA with gorillas? Answer a few fun questions at this link to see which gorilla you are! We got Kundurwanda, the baby of the troop, energetic and carefree!

Adopt a Gorilla

A symbolic adoption ensures the protection of the gorillas’ natural habitat for generations to come. After adopting you will receive a full-color photo of your newest family member, a special video, and of course yearly updates on how the adopted baby gorilla is doing! Learn more about this program at this link!

All About Gorillas

After interacting with your baby Gorilla in the Krikey app you’re probably curious to learn more about the dynamics of what it means to be a Gorilla. On the All About Gorillas page you can learn about their eating habits, daily life, and even how you can be a part of the gorilla tourism that helps to promote and advance conservation.

Get Involved

When you share what you’ve learned about gorillas you’re raising awareness and being a conservation leader, the more you learn, the more knowledge you have to give. By building and educating your community, together we can help provide long term support for the mountain gorillas. Share your Krikey gorilla trekking experience on social media and include facts about gorilla conservation that you learned from the links above! Tag us @krikeyapp when you post!

Happy Trekking!

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