3.11.0 App Release Notes!

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3.11.0 App Release Notes!

Hello Krikey fans! We have some very exciting updates in our 3.11.0 release which was published last week. To check these out, be sure to update your app via the Google Play or Apple App Store!

New Features

WhatsApp Custom Avatar Stickers

We have added a new feature to the app allowing you to export custom stickers of your Avatar to use in WhatsApp conversations! Each Sticker Pack is unique, and you can export a new batch each time you edit your avatar.

Here is an example of an avatar sticker pack in WhatsApp and iMessage:

Here’s an example of the stickers in use:

Avatar Customizations

Shaadi Season

We’ve also added new wedding-themed customization options within the Krikees Avatar Editor (to edit your Avatar, you can go to your profile and tap to edit your profile picture). Our Desi Weddings collection includes new saris, sherwanis, and dhotis in a variety of color options.

We have also added a new wedding style hair updo with jewelry, a wedding turban, henna options, and two styles of nose rings.

Another very exciting new feature is our wedding proposal animation! Stay Home and Send Love to a friend this month!

Additionally, we’ve added an awesome spectacles eyewear category to the avatar editor. We hope to enable everyone who makes a custom avatar to be able to accurately represent themselves! We currently offer four different frame styles - clubmaster frames, rectangular plastic frames, aviator frames, and a basic ray-ban shape - with multiple color options for each. Channel your inner movie star by trying on a pair of these cool glasses!

Game Upgrade

We have also implemented additional tutorials that pop up during gameplay. This was part of an effort to make user onboarding a more streamlined process than the tutorial cards allowed for. Below you can see an example of this game upgrade in Wingspan.

UI Changes

We have re-designed the flow, look, and feel of our profile to be more user-friendly and allow for easier navigation. Our hope is that you can find everything you need from this tab.

The navigation bar has also undergone changes to improve style and usability.

We value all of our players’ feedback, so if you have any questions or feedback please reach out to us at support@krikey.com. If you would like to participate in our user feedback sessions in exchange for an Amazon gift card, please also reach out to us at support@krikey.com. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the app!


It’s now easier than ever to make videos on Krikey App! Just look for this button on any screen to navigate to the video create screen.

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