Augmented Reality Holiday Avatars!

Celebrate Seasonal Events in Augmented Reality!

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Want to know how to customize your Avatar? Celebrate holidays and festivals in the Krikey app with your custom 3D Avatar! Customize your Avatar's clothes and send short videos to your friends during the holidays! Our seasonal events include Valentine’s Day, Holi, Ramadan, Cricket Season, Shaadi (Wedding season), Diwali, Lohri, Pongal, and more!

Customize your Avatar's fashion

Celebrate with your Avatar and customize outfits to celebrate events! Dress your Avatar in jerseys for Cricket Season, traditional dresses for Shaadi, and more! Make Augmented Reality videos with your metaverse avatar. Play games like Run Ji Run in our seasonal outfits to celebrate the holidays.

An Avatar in the Krikees game editor wearing a traditional Indian dress
An Avatar in the Krikees game editor wearing colorful clothes for Holi

Animate your Avatar with seasonal backgrounds

Choose your seasonal background and create a short 3D video to send to your friends and family! Post the video on the Krikey app and share it on other social media like WhatsApp or Instagram.

An Avatar waving and wearing a hijab in front of a background that says Eid Mubarak
An Avatar in colorful clothes dancing in front of a background that says Happy Holi
An Avatar is happy wearing a traditional dress in front of a background that says Shaadi Mubarak
Larger version of the Krikey logo
App icon of the Krikey logo with the letter K in a blue box

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