Welcome to the World of SolarPups

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Five photos taken at different angles of a Shiba Inu SolarPups NFT wearing Aviator glasses.

Welcome to the World of SolarPups – a deserted planet with a new population of pups looking for furever humans to adopt them. Only you and your fellow dog lovers will be able to help these pups create a home for themselves.

There is a strange feeling of isolation to this planet – nothing that zoomies and a round of fetch can’t cure for the SolarPups. As more pups start appearing on the horizon, it’s clear this is no ordinary pack of dogs. From ascot hats to aviator glasses, each set of trait combinations and fur patterns indicates a mutation of epic cuteness.

The SolarPups World

Each SolarPup will have a unique set of traits that varies in rarity. Examples of traits include:

  • Clothing: Christmas Sweaters, Leather Jackets, Tutus and more 🐾
  • Eyewear: Aviator Glasses, Sunglasses, VR headsets and more 🕶️
  • Headgear: Ascot Hats, Baseball Caps, Flower Crowns and more 🌸
  • Fur: Polka Dots, Zebra Stripes, Diamondback patterns and more 🦚

You can purchase any SolarPup (or a pack of 2 in our special pre-sale for our Early Access community). Once you have a SolarPup you can play with it to increase its happiness bar. Once your pup’s happiness bar is full, you can breed it to create offspring SolarPups NFTs. The happier your dog, the greater probability it may breed offspring with rare traits.

Whether you choose to breed your SolarPups or just collect them because they’re super cute, we hope you enjoy exploring and experimenting with the unique traits in the Gen-0 population of SolarPups. In a future post we will share our process in developing an algorithm for this game where puppies x genetics.

As a blend of casual and immersive games, your time in SolarPups can be spent immersed in the World of an individual SolarPup or in the strategy of breeding. You may even choose to adventure into your own imagination and create a story for your SolarPup, turning it into a social media influencer that can be a monetizable brand in and of itself. We fully expect our new dog owners to take tons of photos and videos of their SolarPups (and also might airdrop some surprise gifts exclusively for each SolarPups owner!)

Shiba Inu SolarPups NFT with Leopard Spots and Sunset Fur color

Trait Rarity

The origins of the SolarPups are a mystery to be solved but in the name itself we know there are elements of the sun. Keep an eye out for rare Gold or Rainbow traits. SolarPups are grouped into three classes: Common, Rare and Legendary. As in many NFT games, the rarity score determines the class that the SolarPup is in. Rarity scores are calculated based on the trait rarity across generations. Each trait has a supply cap per generation that determines its appearance in the population and through breeding over time. We will publish more soon on SolarPups genetics and trait rarity!

How You Can Help the SolarPups

As with any endangered population of animals, genetic diversity is critical to ensuring traits are preserved for generations to come. As furever human caretakers to your adopted SolarPups, you must try to ensure the genetic diversity of the population through breeding. Seek out unique trait combinations and mates for your SolarPup. At launch you will only be able to breed SolarPups that you own. Parent pups also cannot breed with their offspring.

On your journey you might unleash a new super trait in a subsequent generation. Not all traits are visible in Gen-0, some are recessive and can only be discovered through breeding specific SolarPups. This process is for those who truly love dogs, for the best breeding will come from the happiest pups.

Purple Sunset landscape with dark mountain peak, moon and starry sky.

Land of SolarPups

You will quickly notice that the SolarPups NFTs have different backgrounds. In the immersive play component of our game, these transform into 3D worlds. A whole land of adventure awaits each SolarPup. As SolarPups explore the planet, land will become an important part of their journey.  

For now, take photos, share your theories with us on Twitter and enjoy playing with your SolarPups! You are safe from danger in the zones we have placed your SolarPups and the focus for Phase I is genetic diversity and joy of puppies. It is up to you to collect the sharpest group of SolarPups to prepare for the next phase of the game.

You can follow us everywhere (except into the bathroom please) 🐾

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