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Intro to SolarPups

SolarPups have landed on Mars and are looking for furever humans to adopt and protect them. Our goal as dog lovers and new SolarPups NFT owners is to give love to our new pups and breed them to preserve genetic diversity and grow the population. The first breed pack to land in Summer 2022 are Shiba Inus. More breed packs will drop soon and they can be bred together to create new dog breeds. This will be a 3D, animated, interactive web3 game built on the Flow blockchain.


SolarPups is a casual, immersive virtual pet game where players can collect, play, breed, buy and sell SolarPups NFTs. Each SolarPup has a special 3D world in which you can interact with them and play fetch, boop their nose, teach them to sit and more. Players can increase the happiness bar of their pups by playing with them. When the happiness bar is full, you can breed your SolarPup to create offspring SolarPups NFTs. You can gift, sell or keep these cute pups for your own collection!

Shiba Inu SolarPups NFT with rainbow polka dots on white fur, standing on grass virtual background.


There are three classes of traits in SolarPups: Common, Rare and Legendary. Each trait has a rarity score based on the supply cap of the trait across several generations. The combined rarity score calculation determines the class of a SolarPup and its value. Through breeding, players can also uncover rare traits that are recessive genes or rare traits that will be introduced to the population in subsequent generations. Some traits are only available via dogs in giveaways or our special pack presale for Early Access Members. To be a part of our Early Access list, join our Discord!

It is important to note the importance of recessive genes and traits in subsequent generations because this could mean that sometimes your best chance at rarity isn’t necessarily combining the most rare SolarPups. Special traits can be unleashed from SolarPups combinations at the Common and Rare classes as well.

Social Media

We know that your camera roll is full of pictures of your dog sleeping. We want you to share your SolarPups photos and videos with us on social media! Tell us the story of your SolarPup, tell us about its personality and whether he/she/they were a good pup today. We want to know! Also, we may airdrop you fun, exclusive surprises of your SolarPup that you can share on social media too.


This is a very high level overview of the game and a quick summary we wrote for you! Our team is hard at work on building out an awesome set of features for launch and beyond. We will publish more on our website and in future blog posts. Also be sure to follow us on social media to keep updated on the latest news and features in the game.

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