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Cartoon Shiba Inu NFTs dressed in different clothes against a purple sunset background.

Welcome to the World of SolarPups! Through Bork communication we have intercepted a garbled woof that told us of the journey of Shibs to the planet Mars. The first breed pack is landing and has traveled a great distance through the galaxy. They arrive in various forms of transport including parachutes and spaceships. There are a few stragglers doing zoomies in the galaxy, but they too will arrive shortly. Each SolarPup is seeking a furever human to adopt them on arrival.

SolarPups is a 3D, animated, interactive NFT game built on the Flow blockchain. SolarPups decided to build on FLOW because it is eco-friendly, has low gas fees and an incredibly supportive developer ecosystem. We also love chasing (oops - we mean playing) CryptoKitties, and have always wanted to play a dog version of the game!

Each SolarPup in the first breed drop will be a Shiba Inu wearing unique, adorable clothing (traits). The traits will have varied rarity scores that determine the value of each SolarPup. Our extremely talented artists have conceptualized our dogs from 2D sketches to 3D models that are rigged, animated and aim to bring joy to you as your metaverse best friend. In SolarPups, owners can collect, play, breed, buy and sell.

Adopting a 3D, animated SolarPup NFT means: YES, you can pet the dog! You can also play fetch, boop its nose and teach it to sit. Each dog has a happiness bar that increases with more playtime. When the happiness bar is full, you can breed your dog. Happier Dogs Breed Better. The strength of the bond between you and your dog determines the utility of your NFT and its offspring. You can gift or sell offspring SolarPups NFTs, or even keep them as you grow your collection of cute pups!

The founders of SolarPups (sisters, Jhanvi and Ketaki Shriram) are also the founders of Krikey App, a mobile Augmented Reality gaming app with 5M+ downloads that is ranked in the Top 25 consumer apps on Google Play India. Their love for dogs inspired them to bring their web2 skills over to web3 and they built SolarPups!

The SolarPups launch will take place in Summer 2022, with more details to follow on their social media channels. Social channels are linked at the bottom of this blog post.

Game Introduction

SolarPups are your metaverse best friend. Like any dog, they love constant attention and playtime. You can play fetch, teach your dog to sit, boop its nose and more in our interactive SolarPups game. SolarPups can also dig up special gifts for their NFT owners! Also, keep an eye on the 3D world that each of your SolarPups comes from, that land will become important later in the game.

The game combines elements of virtual pet ownership, collection and breeding games. It is casual and immersive, players can engage with their pups as much as they’d like to. When it comes to breeding though, rarer traits do come from happier dogs. And happier dogs (as in real life), require playtime and love from their owners!

There are stories in this world that will be unlocked over time, for individual players and the entire community. The interactivity components of our game will also grow over time as we explore opportunities for the SolarPups NFTs within our metaverse and others. The centerpiece of everything we do will always be: the SolarPups.

Shiba Inu SolarPups NFTs dressed in different clothing sit in front of a faded, tiled background of other SolarPups NFTs.

What are SolarPups?

SolarPups are dogs that were first sighted in the galaxy, traveling through space and time. Their origin is not fully known, but they are akin to the dogs of earth that we know and love. It is believed that they grew and evolved in outer space. Each SolarPup has its own physical characteristics and personality, making them as unique as the pups in our homes today. As you collect different SolarPups, we encourage you to share your pups on social media and tell us their stories!

Some SolarPups are rarer than others and time will unveil the rarest of them all. Some traits will only be introduced through pups in giveaways, some traits only available to pre-sale pack owners, and some traits will emerge in the population only after a few generations of breeding. The trait rarity scores will be public on each SolarPups page in the marketplace. If you don’t have much time to play, you can use the rarity scores as a guide to collecting and breeding. Keep an eye out for rare Gold or Rainbow traits.

Version 1 of our game will also introduce different lands that will evolve in importance over time, each with unique characteristics.

Which SolarPup will you adopt? Will you choose the rarest of them all or the cutest? What is the story of your SolarPup?

You can follow us everywhere (except into the bathroom please) 🐾

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