Krikey on Social Media

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Krikey on Social Media

Creating a social media presence takes consistency, uniformity and most importantly, creativity. Sharing who we are on social media is a vital part of telling the story of why we do what we do everyday. Canva has become our portal of perfecting our message and motive in a cool and creative way. It is a tool that enables us to quickly create and share visuals on social media.

For Krikey, first we set up our Brand Kit, which holds all of the most important parts of what goes into our creatives: Logos, Fonts associated with the brand, and brand colors. The Brand Kit allows us to keep a sense of consistency across all of our posts no matter how they may differ in content.

There are social media design templates, or you can create your own. You can also resize the content you create for whichever platform you are trying to publish to. When you start creating, there are endless edit tools to use -- from royalty free images to green screens, animated effects and more. It is an all in one creative studio that empowers us to make magic and, most importantly, consistent posts across all of our social media platforms! One of our favorite design templates to create has been our new bird promo posts (see above) . We release these series of images on our social platforms when a new bird has been released in the app as part of the Wingspan AR Game!

The most important life saver for any social media manager is the Content Planner. Any content that is created on Canva can then be uploaded to the Content Planner with its respective date, time and platform (ie; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Slack) and will be automatically posted on the scheduled date. We are active on our socials every day to answer questions, comments and share anything exciting that happens impromptu on our leaderboards in app (ie; our whole team was cheering and we posted right when a player recently crossed 400 bird collections in the Krikey app!)

Shared here are a few favorite posts from our social media platforms over the last few months. At left is a post from our quote post series, here we included our catchy quotes of the day with fan favorite birds to spread hope, cheer and words of encouragement to our Krikey community online. The post above was a series we created at the start of the pandemic. Our goal was to share positivity, hope and give our community something to look forward to. We created these images with our social media community in mind and used bright colors, birds that were collected frequently in the app and most importantly a sprinkle of fun!

We love celebrating creativity and hope you enjoy the content Krikey creates across all of our social media channels!

Larger version of the Krikey logo
App icon of the Krikey logo with the letter K in a blue box

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