Krikey Culture

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Krikey Culture

Krikey has always been grounded in our core values: Kindness, Honesty, Trust and Respect. We aim to hire and build a team around this culture of gratitude and teamwork. We started in an apartment office with 8 desks and a small kitchen (which always had drawers full of favorite snacks!). After just over a year we were able to move into a formal office building and slowly started to grow our team. Since March of 2020 we have all moved home and are working remotely due to the pandemic. One of the biggest challenges in all of these moves is maintaining a great team culture. How do we do it? Below is more about life at Krikey!

The Krikey Award

Like the Oscars, but better. This is an actual award gifted from one team member to another every week. It is awarded to a team member who has demonstrated Krikey values that week and gone above and beyond to help their team members. Speeches are given to express thanks to those who nominated them. The winner gets to keep it on their desk and then awards it the following week to another teammate.

Show and Tell

Every Friday two team members share a unique and fun fact, story or hobby that they have. There are live demonstrations, presentation slides and sometimes music videos to sing along to! You never know who is up next to share a delightful secret! Some fun facts we have learned: one of our team members is a drummer in a popular band, another is an avid climber, one is a secret rubik’s cube champion and another has a goat farm with 18+ goats!

Lunch, Dinner and Boba Runs

(When we could all meet in person) -- Every week the office was stocked up with snacks and lunch options from around the world (San Francisco has fantastic international cuisine options!). We also celebrated fun special days like National French Fry-day and Halloween. New team members were celebrated with day 1 boba runs, which quickly became an office favorite. Our remote team would also fly out to San Francisco quarterly to spend a week working together in the office. We hosted fun company activities like touring a chocolate factory and going bird watching by the Golden Gate Bridge! Birthdays and Krikey-versaries are celebrated with custom cakes and surprise balloons!

Team Talks, Trivia, Bake-Off and Bingo

Now that we are all working remotely, on Wednesdays we have guest speakers come to share their knowledge on a variety of topics -- from wild animals in the Congo to best practices for sitting posture in your makeshift office chair at home. We also give team members a chance to relax with Team Trivia, Bingo and, most exciting - we watched our co workers compete in a bake-off, live from their home kitchen as they raced the clock to make the best themed dish!


#random our slack channel hosts everything from pictures of homemade cheeseburgers to new anime releases to cute puppy pics. It's always a good idea to check in here every day for a smile inspiring post!

What’s so great about being a part of Krikey is knowing that you can show up to work everyday as your authentic self and are seen, appreciated, and respected. We work hard but have a lot of fun every week working together!

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