How to Play Run Ji Run

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How to Play Run Ji Run

What’s Run Ji Run? It’s a mobile Augmented Reality Infinite Runner game set in India. Play with your custom 3D Avatar as you jump, slide, and dodge rickshaws, samosas, chutney, cows and more! Cover more distance to level up and unlock new themes and environments.

Start Run Ji Run

To find the game, tap on the Games tab in the center of the Krikey navigation bar. Then tap on the Run Ji Run banner! This will take you to the Run Ji Run Home screen. From there, select a tile to play! If you are a beginner, it’s a good bet to start with Rickshaw Run.

Your avatar will run continuously once you press start. Keep track of the meters you’ve run, the coins you’ve collected, and the lives you have left at the top of the screen!

Now, you have two goals:

1) Avoid all obstacles!

2) Collect Krikey points, hearts, and power-ups!

Avoid Obstacles

Slide your finger left and right to move your avatar and avoid obstacles that lie in your path! Slide your finger up to make your avatar jump. Lastly, slide your finger down to make your avatar slide under any tall obstacles - like signs and rickshaws.

Collect Power-Ups

Now for the fun parts! Tap the powerup buttons at the bottom of your screen to activate special powers for your avatar when you need them. The Superspeed Gem allows your avatar to run at superhuman speed and blast through obstacles without harm. If you use the Magnetic Gem, it will automatically collect all the coins that you pass!

More of these gems can be found throughout your route, so pay attention and try to grab them if you see one! They can help you run farther. In addition, make sure to collect hearts when you see them. They will add to your lives so you can last longer in the game.

Level Up

If you see this symbol, you’ve run far enough to make it to the next level! This will unlock new themes and obstacles. The only way to find out what lies ahead is to keep running!

Game Over

If you run out of lives and hit an obstacle, the game is over. But not to worry! You can play as many times as you want. You should be able to see how far you made it, and how many coins and points you collected! Track your progress and compete in rankings by viewing the leaderboard. Happy running!

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